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Welcome to Foodbox

We deliver Home Packs of healthy fresh produce daily from Sydney Markets to homes, offices and businesses throughout the Sydney metropolitan region.


We Provide 

  • Fresh and healthy produce delivered to your door from Sydney Markets

  • Healthy, delicious, natural food to boost your health, immunity and productivity

  • Contactless delivery in clean and hygienic cardboard boxes

  • More than 20 years of experience with HACCP and NSW Food Authority accredited facilities

  • Daily high-care service to customers in health, aged care, education and hospitality sectors


It’s So Easy !  

  • Order and pay by credit card now from your phone or laptop 

  • We deliver to your door within 2 days 

  • No minimum periods or contracts


No more need to go to crowded supermarkets with empty shelves

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Our Boxes

The perfect solution for enjoying healthy food at home without leaving home 



  • Freshly sealed grab & go boxes of healthy fruits & vegetables 

  • Delivered daily to your local store, home or office 

  • Packed and delivered per Government, NSW Food Authority, HACCP guidelines 

  • Avoid supermarket germs, non-delivery, queues and hassle

  • Great value

  • 3 boxes to choose from



Safer and Cleaner

We supply the boxes to you with contactless delivery, so the produce is as fresh as possible with the absolute minimum of handling.

Our boxes are packed the same morning, placed in sealed cardboard boxes and delivered directly to your home.

We feel cardboard is more hygienic than plastic.

Our process ensures the safest, lowest contact available in the market which reduces your potential harmful exposure.

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