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Healthy Diet

Prepared Produce

Food Box is a specialist supplier of prepared fresh produce.


We provide our customers with the following key advantages:


  • Save preparation time

  • Save produce wastage

  • HACCP accreditation

  • Reduce occupational health and safety risks

  • Branding solutions

  • Packaging solutions


We supply premium quality prepared vegetables daily to customers daily in the following categories:


  • Atrium Vegetable Mixes

  • Baton Carrots

  • Beans topped and tailed

  • Broccoli Florets

  • Cauliflower Florets

  • Diced Onions

  • Diced vegetables

  • Julienne carrots

  • Peeled carrot

  • Peeled onion

  • Peeled pumpkin

  • Peeled potato

  • Peeled sweet potato

  • Pumpkin portions

  • Shredded carrot

  • Sliced Carrots

  • Sliced Onions

  • Sliced Capsicum

  • Topped & Tailed Snow peas


Please ask us about tailored solutions for you, including prepared, packaged and branded produce to your requirements.

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